Kibar Sustainable Tomorrow for Accelerated Results

In order to enlighten our future, we enlighten our stakeholders on the path of sustainability with K-STAR, the Kibar Star.

What is K-STAR?

K-Star LogoK-STAR Supplier Sustainability Programme has been designed and implemented in order to measure the current sustainability maturity of our suppliers and to take initiatives to improve the maturity of our suppliers in this direction within the framework of the principle of "WE ENCOURAGE our stakeholders", one of the basic principles that constitute the sustainability strategy of Kibar Group.

Kibar Holding supplier portfolio was analysed and the suppliers to be included in the programme were determined in line with the rule sets determined by the purchasing management within the scope of the programme. While creating the evaluation approach, supplier segmentation was designed within the framework of the sustainability needs of the sectors in which Kibar Holding suppliers operate, taking into account the guidelines published by international organisations. In line with this approach, evaluation criteria for the segments were determined and survey questions were created in line with the classification and evaluation structures of international organisations. In this way, a total of 4 separate segments and 4 questionnaires, 1 questionnaire for each segment, were created.

The main objectives of the K-STAR Supplier Sustainability Programme:

Our main goals are to ensure responsible purchasing activities in line with Kibar Group's sustainability strategy, to support the Group's responsibilities towards its customers and institutions within the framework of sustainability goals, to review purchasing policies and practices according to the criteria to be determined, to create a supplier portfolio that will guarantee a sustainable purchasing structure by evaluating, guiding and monitoring the entire supplier ecosystem, and to put into operation supplier communication channels and systems that will support continuous development/improvement. In these days when solidarity and achieving together are more important than ever, we would like to thank you, our valuable business partners, for your contribution and support to this programme, which will be a first in its field and an important milestone in our sustainability journey, by renewing our hopes for the future.

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